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  • Debbie Kinzie Maidment says:

    I looked up this article because it was mentioned in the book, The Help. The eloquence of these reflections reflects skillfull writing, but also presented with dignity, the respect that the author has for Grady’s impact on his personal character. It was a delgiht to read this, as the topic is not something that I would ever have encountered in my own life.

    However smug we may be of this, it must be noted that servitude is not a thing of the past or just someone else’s past, but continues today. Migrant workers today are vulnerable to their employer’s will, as are the many Nannies who are working in wealthy homes. This, unfortunately is a part of the present…mine and yours! Open your eyes and look around, you can see this if you choose to notice.

  • Alexis Ercoli says:

    Hello, I am interested in the pictures included in your gallery.
    Are they from the LIbrary of Congress?

    • Most of them are from my own family’s collection. A few came from Google images.

      • Felicia Furman- I am writing an autobiography of my life growing up with my black nannies in the 50s and 60s in Orlando, FL. Believe it or not my mother never took any photos of our two nannies so the book will be pure text, but I sure would like to be granted permission to use the photo above where the nanny is craddling the white child in her lap. If you have a jpeg. of this you could send me along with authorization for the cover of my short book (GRACE: Understanding and Dealing with Hate in the white South) would be greatly appreciated giving credit to whomever the taker and owner of the photo are. ROBERT KNAUER

  • Alexis Ercoli says:

    Felicia – Thanks for your response. I am particularly interested in the second picture in the top row, “AA with baby standing”. Is that from your family’s collection? I sent you a private message on FB awhile ago too. I am interested in getting permission to use it in a project I am working on. Thanks!

    • That photo is part of my family’s collection. Tell me about your project.


      • Thomas Rumph Sr. says:

        H0w well I remember; This was the norm, we cannot un-ring the bell . We shall move on not forgetting the past, but use this as steeping stones to greater heights .Felicia ,this was a great job, Thanks

  • Alexis Ercoli says:

    Felicia – Would you email me at That way we can discuss it off the blog comment thread. Or you can private message me on FB.

    Thanks : )

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