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Unknown African American woman with my mother and uncle, ca. 1924.

The Nanny Project

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The exhibit that was mentioned in the previous post is called the Nanny Project by DH Cooper, a photographer who is a professor at the Art Institute of Charleston.   Nanny Project is currently exhibited at the City Gallery in Charleston.   Charlestonmag.com’s interview of the artist reveals that through “discarded photographs taken in the 1800s to the present of African-American nannies and the white children they helped raise, she examines the subjects, evaluates their social hierarchies, and then re-images the compositions, transferring the images to cloth, which she then embroiders and quilts. ‘By combining traditional crafts and manipulated photographs, DH Cooper questions the tradition and heightens the viewer’s awareness of contradictions that are still relevant today,” says co-curator Erin Glaze.’”

For more information about DH Cooper visit  http://www.charlestonmag.com/charleston_magazine/feature/dh_cooper and her web site at  www.dhcooper.com.



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JUST LIKE FAMILY is a blog about African American women who raised white children in mid- to late-20th century—giving voice to a history and experience not often acknowledged in this country. This cultural fusion of black and white and the intimacy it suggests has undeniably shaped the lives of many in this country in complex ways that I think need to be explored.   But how do we bear witness to such complexity from different points of view?  With reader input and my own postings, we will form a purpose toward inclusiveness and healing that I hope will be enriched through our exploration.

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